5 Reasons Why a Villa is Better Than a Hotel

  • by Great Bali Villas
  • 2 years ago
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Once previously only an option for the more affluent traveller and holiday goers, the idea of staying in a personal villa while is becoming more common all round. With a vast amount of options available, at some very appealing prices, the luxury experience of staying in your own private getaway has become the staple of holiday vacation rentals.

1) Privacy

Within a villa you’ll get your own personal hideaway with no other’s to invade your space. Unlike a hotel you don’t need to worry about any rowdy neighbours, people taking up the sun-beds or late night (or early morning) noises. You’ll have your own private haven where you and your loved ones have absolute privacy to enjoy your holiday as you intend.

2) Location

You can tailor your villa to the location you prefer – whether that be close to the beach, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy areas or even closer to your favourite hangouts. The location of a villa can be a deal breaker for most people, as what’s available to keep you entertained locally is an important factor in any person’s vacation.

3) Amenities

Unlike hotels that can feel very “one use” stay, most villas are set up to be a home away from home. You’ll find these properties to be kitted out for all your needs, with a kitchen, lounges and own private pools. You can relax in luxury with all of the items needed to make your next vacation as simple as needed.

4) Personal

Nearly every villa has their own personal team dedicated to enhancing your stay. Depending on the villa these might include chef, butler and even private driver. With this kind of service you’ll be looked after in style so you can enjoy the other comforts of a relaxing holiday. Make sure you check the villa information to see what wonderful extras are included when it comes to staff and service.

5) Price

Like many things in life the defining factor can always come down to price. However, by the time you’ve paid for a larger group to stay in a hotel per room and added costs of meal, you may find that the price of staying in a villa is pretty competitive. Last minute deals are also. When it comes to booking it’s also much better to go with villa agents (rather than the likes of airbnb), as you generally can find a price better matched minus the usual fees and get that true service catered to your every need.

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