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When it comes to exploring new destinations, Bali has many options. Regardless of whether you’re hoping to take a spiritual journey or immerse yourself in scuba diving or surfing, Bali offers something for everyone. Not only is there an environment that must be seen to be believed, but there are several options available when holidaying in Bali that ensure the destination is perfect for all types of budgets.

The following is an overview of some of the more popular locations in Bali, as well as some of the experiences that can be enjoyed along the way.

Seminyak Villas

Ideal for Nightlife and Food

Despite how appealing Canggu is, there will be those searching for a location in Bali that’s more suitable for families and nightlife and Seminyak is a perfect choice.

Although famed for its collection of boutique shops, there’s a lot more to unearth when visiting Seminyak.

Those searching for nightlife with a difference will fall in love with the Potato Head and KuDeTa beach clubs which feature famed DJs from all over the world.

Things to Do in Seminyak

As well as being able to enjoy unique beach clubs and luxury accommodation, there are plenty of other experiences for those choosing to stay in Seminyak for their holiday.

One of the most popular pastimes in Seminyak is surfing, and Seminyak beach is the perfect location. Although as popular as other beaches in Bali, the beach in Seminyak feels less crowded, allowing for more freedom when it comes to surfing.

If there is little in the way of waves when hitting the beach then fear not, as there are plenty of stalls where you can enjoy some refreshments.

Those looking to explore the waters of Seminyak in a different way may want to take advantage of the professional diving schools in the area, which offer immersive and memorable dives that can be enjoyed by newbies and experienced divers.

Seminyak often finds favour with those that love food thanks to the iconic KuDeTa, the best restaurant in Seminyak. As well as being treated to an authentic Balinese experience in relation to food, but it’s a beautiful location for enjoying the famous Bali sunset.

Canggu Villas

Perfect for First Timers and Backpackers

Those visiting Bali for the first time will want to find a town that offers a balance of life in Bali, and those new to Bali will find this in abundance when visiting Canggu.

When compared to other locations in Bali, Canggu can seem a little stripped-back, but this is what makes it the perfect town for those visiting Bali for the first time.

The lack of tourists ensures that those visiting Canggu experience the organic side of Bali without obstruction, be it the surfer beaches, voluptuous villas or immersive rice fields.

Things to Do in Canggu

Despite not having as much as tourist traffic as other areas in Canggu doesn’t mean that there is a shortage of things to do.

Those looking to enjoy the environment in an exciting way can take advantage of local surf schools and enjoy Canggu in an original way, whereas those looking for some respite can enjoy a relaxing Indonesian head massage which is not only revitalising but also very affordable.

There is also plenty to experience when it comes to food and drink in Canggu. One of the most popular eateries in Canggu is Shady Shack, which offers a great choice of food that include smoothies and homemade cakes, but there are plenty of other restaurants that offer local dishes as well as an Indonesian take on global dishes.

Ubud Villas

Perfect for Those Looking to Explore Their Spiritual Side

The popularity of Bali can be attributed to how much choice there is. Just as many head to Bali for the immersive nightlife and sense of adventure, others are keen to embrace their spiritual side, and Ubud is the perfect destination to achieve this.

Ubud has been cited as one of the most beautiful places in the world, but this isn’t the only appeal to this bohemian haven, as there is plenty more on offer.

Locals can be seen immersed in prayer, while surrounding rice fields, temples and waterfalls offer a sense of tranquillity that’s just not possible with some destinations.

Things to Do in Ubud

Although Ubud lacks the nightlife and beaches seen in other areas of Bali, those looking to absorb Balinese culture while exploring their spiritual side will love what Ubud has to offer. What’s more, there’s still plenty to do, with each experience offering something unique.

Those keen to embrace the historical sites of Bali can enjoy the Goa Gajah, often referred to as the ‘Elephant Cave.’ The relic-filled courtyard offers plenty of carvings and stone sculptures that detail the vast history of Bali in peaceful surroundings.

Nature enthusiasts can enjoy local attractions such as Bali Bird Park, home to over 1,000 birds from all over the world, including Indonesia. There is also the Ubud Monkey Forest, the best-known monkey sanctuary in Bali, home to over 700 macaques.

Food enthusiasts keen to try some of the best fusion food in Ubud should make sure they visit Lacavore, a restaurant that has won a series of awards for its amazing food.

As the restaurant has a focus on fusions, those that visit Lacavore will find that the food is a mix of locally sourced products prepared with foreign techniques.

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