7 Bali’s Secret Gems

Whilst travelling around Bali in recent months we have come across a list of places that we would happily classify as hidden gems in Bali. These places are the ones that we climbed, trekked to or simply just stumbled across in our travels that left us thinking. “why haven’t we ever heard of this place?” So here is our list (just our first list…for now) of hidden gems in Bali that you didn’t know...

Top 5 Beaches in Bali

``Bali is blessed with some of the very best beaches in the world, and we’ve taken the liberty to explore them all, so pack your sunscreen and your fave bikini, wrap up your sarong and prep your hottest summer playlist, holiday mode is officially on!`` 1. Balangan Beach Balangan Beach is a white sandy beach stretch 200 meters with panoramic view of the Indian Ocean and blessed by the...

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